# About Software

# Q:Browser window size border is too large to shrink how to solve?

A:Yes, the browser window size is fixed when the environment is created, and changing the size will change the browser fingerprint, affecting the security of the environment. If you want to make the browser window smaller, you can re-select a smaller resolution when creating or modifying the environment.

# Q:Why a message indicating that more sessions cannot be created is displayed when I click Create Environment after downloading and installing the software? Can't create an environment?

A:It is possible that you have not yet paid for the package you are on that page https://www.mbbrowser.com/price (opens new window) Use after purchase package.

# Q:Does Mbbrowser support mobile or IPAD operation?

A:Mbbrowser does not support mobile terminal installation operation, but you can select the UA simulation mobile terminal page when creating the environment on the PC side.

# Q:Does Mbbrowser run locally or on a server (VPS)?

A:As long as windows 7 or higher operating system is acceptable.

# Q:What proxy IP type does Migratory Bird Browser support?

A:It is supported by almost all ipv4 types and proxy IP providers on the market. ipV6 IP addresses are excluded.

# Q:How many environments does Mbbrowser support?

A:There is no limit to the number of environments created for Personal Unlimited and above.

# Q:How to use Mbbrowser, there is a detailed tutorial?

A:https://www.mbbrowser.com/help (opens new window) You can see the help page of the official website for a detailed configuration tutorial.

# Q:Can environments be grouped in the Mbbrowser client?

A:Grouping has been supported since version

# Q:Does Mbbrowser have a proxy IP and port for an environment?

A:Yes, you can. Mbbrowser anti - association fingerprint browser can correspond to a proxy IP and port environment.

# Q:What type should I select as the first proxy option when creating the environment?

A:Select the appropriate type based on the proxy IP you purchased, such as socks5 or http.

# Q:Do I need to fill in the password for setting proxy IP on the Create Environment panel?

A:The account password of the agent IP is optional. It is necessary to check whether your purchase agent IP has the account password. If there is one, you need to fill it in.

# Q:Does Mbbrowser customize home page?

A:Mbbrowser supports custom home page; Change the Gear flag - General Settings - Default start page in the lower right corner after logging in to the client.

# Q:Can only one proxy IP Address be used to log in to one account? Can you log in to multiple accounts at the same time?

A:The Mbbrowser has no restriction on multiple accounts corresponding to the proxy IP address. However, you are advised to log in to one account using one IP address. Otherwise, the connection cannot be completely prevented.

# Q:With Mbbrowser login multi account, computer can shut down?

A:Normal users browse the website through the browser is not need to hang up, according to your needs normal use of mbbrowser can!

# Q:With Mbbrowser to register website account, verification code and manual verification, normal?

A:Some websites login and registration prompts verification code and manual verification is normal, this situation is related to the purity of the proxy IP, if a proxy IP in a short time to repeatedly visit a site will be the site required for manual verification, the situation has nothing to do with the browser.

# Q:Mbbrowser can change MAC network card address?

A:Mbbrowser is an anti-association browser. Only the FLASH plug-in can be used to read the MAC address of the client through the browser. Currently, the FLASH plug-in has stopped updating, and the chrome browser kernel no longer supports the FLASH plug-in.

# Q:Does Mbbrowser have enough UA? What if the UA Settings are repeated?

A:First of all, the UA of Mbbrowser is random, we have hundreds of thousands of UA bank, theoretically enough. And the UA records operating system and browser information. These are the few options on their own. Therefore, it is normal and logical that there will still be a large number of repetition possibilities under various permutations and combinations.

# Q:Can the subaccount environment be shared with the main account? Can sub-accounts create environments?

A:The sub-account can share the created environment with the master account. Meanwhile, the permissions of the client terminal account and the master account are the same. Therefore, the sub-account can create an environment independently. Can the subaccount environment be shared with the main account? Can sub-accounts create environments?

# Q:Mbbrowser login website account password is automatically backed up, can realize free login?

A:Mbbrowser website account password is automatically backed up, the premise is that when you log in to the website to check the "keep login status" and other options; The implementation of no-login depends on the rules on the site side, and the rules for Migratory Bird are the same as for chrome.

# Q:I used dynamic IP to create the environment for the first time and check the security is 100%, why is it 70% on the second opening?

A:If you use a dynamic IP address, you are advised to deselect WebRTC Fingerprint in the Configuration environment window. This is because the IP address of the environment is different every time you open the dynamic IP address, but the WbeRTC public IP address is the last one. As a result, the IP address does not match the WebRTC public address.

# Q:I use the proxy IP of luminati or 911S5. Do I need to open the client of LMP and 911S5 during the process of using Mbbrowser?

A:Yes, if you are using luminati or 911s5, you need to turn on the proxy IP for normal access.

# Q:Do you have any requirements for computer configuration?

A:It is recommended to have a 4-core processor, at least 8g memory, and a windows7 or higher operating system.

# Q:Can use Mbbrowser speed up? Why is it slow for me to access websites using proxy IP?

A:Mbbrowser to visit the website for optimization processing, browsing speed is mainly determined by the proxy IP, itself using the proxy IP to visit the website speed is not as fast as the local direct access.

# Q:Why is there so little UA built into the Mbbrowser, and it refreshes the same several times?

A:In order to ensure the safety of the environment, UA and resolution parameters are bound. It is normal that the number of UA under some non-mainstream resolution size is small. It is recommended that you choose different browser resolution to refresh UA, and you will find that the situation of UA repetition is very few. Migratory Bird software also supports custom UA, you can copy your own UA to use in migratory bird.

# Q:Can Mbbrowser disguise GPS map location?

A:The location function of the browser on the PC is determined based on the geographical location of the IP address. Unlike mobile phones, which use GPS, the location problem can only be solved by changing IP addresses.

# Q:How to solve the problem that the mbbrowser opens multiple environments at the same time, which consumes a lot of CPU and memory resources.

A:Mbbrowser is based on the chrome kernel development, each environment is equivalent to an independent chrome browser, each browser contains a number of browser window label, so the requirements for computer configuration is relatively high, it is recommended that you do not open too many browser environment and window label, improve the computer hardware configuration can also be solved.

# Q:yalala website monitoring prompt DNS acquisition failure, normal?

A:This is because the proxy IP address is used and the DNS acquisition delay is too high. The DNS server is updated once and has no impact on the security of the browser environment.

# Q:Can the client cache file of Mbbrowser be deleted, and how to clean it if the hard disk is full?

A:You are not advised to delete it. You can use the Settings panel of the software to switch the storage location to a larger disk space.

# Q:Why did I open the yalala website with luminati's dynamic ip and refresh the time zone differently each time?

A:First of all, the time zone parameter is automatically matched according to the geographical location of your proxy IP when configuring the environment using the migratory bird anti-association browser. If you use the short-acting dynamic proxy IP, it will lead to the use of one IP when detecting the IP, and then change the browser to another IP after creating the environment, which will lead to a different IP each time it is opened. The time zone is also the one you automatically match for the first time, so if you care about the change in browser time zone, it is recommended not to use short-acting dynamic IP. This problem does not occur with fixed IP.

# Q:Why is it impossible to open websites such as paypal using luminati proxy ip?

A:It may be because the luminati proxy IP has blocked paypal and other websites. Please contact luminati official customer service for confirmation. This problem has nothing to do with Migratory Bird browser. Why is it impossible to open websites such as paypal using luminati proxy ip?

A:The cookie import fails for the following four reasons:

1、Cookie format is not compatible

There are two types of Cookie formats: JSON format and CURL library format, also known as plain text format. Some software may support only one of these formats, which may cause cookie import failure. Of course, there are two ways to solve this problem: 1. Convert the format through the JSON online editor, and import the format after conversion; 2. Import through Migratory Bird browser (Migratory Bird supports both import formats).

2、The Cookie has expired

Cookie is the data stored on the user's local terminal. Many websites will set a validity period for cookie data on the client when developing. Only those with development experience know that each website has a different validity period for cookie, which is about 1 month. If the cookie data expired, then import even if the prompt success, but we can not see the login status when we open the website. This problem is not easy to solve even programmers by modifying the code, to give you a solution, you can use the migratory bird browser import, migratory bird browser will automatically extend the validity of the current cookie for one year. Of course, if you want to extend the validity of the cookie can also be achieved by importing and exporting in the migratory bird browser, so that you can solve the problem without modifying the code can be extended.

3、Cookie code is not all incomplete

The third case is also relatively common, and we are not easy to spot, because we do not understand the JS code. Sometimes the number quotient and our own copy of the cookie code is not completely copied, or itself is missing some elements, have a head without a tail, a tail without a head. As a result, the browser cannot identify the complete information of the cookie, resulting in a failure to import. Disability issues about cookie code is not complete, after we get the cookie code inspection first, and see if the code is valid, use json format conversion tool (http://www.bejson.com/jsoneditoronline/) to check online, If an error occurs while converting the format, as shown in the figure below, then our cookie code is faulty or completely broken. Migratory bird imitation associated fingerprint browser has the function of code completion, as long as the key field is not missing basically can import successfully.

**4、The Cookie code is encrypted. **

There is another reason that the cookie number import fails and encryption-free login cannot be achieved, that is, the cookie data is encrypted. How do you tell if it's encrypted? If you open a cookie and you see code that you don't understand, it's 100% encrypted. There is no way out of this, because decryption is a very tedious process, ordinary people cannot do it. Of course, Migratory bird can also export encrypted cookie files, but only support import in Migratory bird browser can be successful.

# Q:Can the Mbbrowser Environment Pack be imported into other fingerprint browsers?

A:Mbbrowser environment package only supports the import and export of Mbbrowser users, other browsers do not support!

# Q:What information does the Mbbrowser Environment Pack contain?

A:Mbbrowser environment package contains dozens of parameter Settings such as browser fingerprint information, User Agent, screen resolution, agent IP, time zone, language, etc., because this function involves several exclusive technologies, more parameters are not disclosed!

# Q:The original IP in the Mbbrowser environment package is invalid. Is it safe to change the IP address to open the environment?

A:Yes, the environment package contains the original device information. The environment is unchanged, and IP changes are not subject to risk control. For example, for our own mobile devices, IP will be changed every time we search signal, change location and connect to WIFI, so it is no problem to change IP reasonably.

# Q:Mbbrowser an environmental package can contain at most how many website account information?

A:An environment package can contain account information for many websites, just like a standalone browser. For example, if you use the same environment to log in email, shopping, payment and other website accounts, these accounts will be recorded in the environment package. The premise is that these website accounts to check "login status" and save the account password.

# Q:Why does the imported Mbbrowser environment package have no login status of the account?

A:There are three possibilities: 1. The Cookie information in the imported environment package is invalid (cookie has an expiration period); 2. 2. You logged in to the account in the original browser environment, but did not check "Maintain login status" on the login page of the website; 3. You do not confirm to save the account and password in the browser prompt after login. 4. It is possible that the account password has been changed;

A:When using Selenium, some websites detect characteristics of automated tools, which may result in your actions being denied or blocked. To prevent this from happening, you can take the following steps to hide Selenium's characteristics:

Modify user-agent: Change the default user-agent to the user-agent of the browser to prevent some simple anti-crawling mechanisms or User identification. You can modify WebDriver Options to achieve this.

Using a proxy IP address: Changing IP addresses is also a common anti-creep mechanism, so using a proxy IP address can reduce the chance of being blocked. You can find a high quality proxy IP provider to purchase IP addresses.

Simulation of human operation: try to let the program simulate "human" in operation. For example, let the program not continuously climb the same page, set a random time interval, random mouse and so on, suggest adding some human operations in the program, such as click, scroll, input, these can make the site difficult to distinguish whether it is manual operation.

Use Headless mode: Headless mode lets WebDriver run without opening a browser window, which makes it look more like a normal network request.

Other auxiliary methods: You can enable cookies and sessionStorage and configure the corresponding information. You can also use some of WebDriver's implicit waits to load pages slowly.

These are common methods, but there is no guarantee that they will not be detected, because the firewall is also being updated. Therefore, the restrictions brought by anti-crawler policies can be effectively avoided by simulating real browser behaviors and modifying User-Agent policies in applications while taking advantage of multiple servers' IP turns.

# Q: After setting up the environment for the anti association browser, can the website be set by yourself (the default for the Mbbrowser is yalala.com)

A: You can support setting your own browser homepage. (For example, on Amazon, Facebook, eBay, Zhihu, JD.com, etc.), setting specifications:


# Q: Can I directly place an order after registering with an associated super browser?

A: It is not recommended to place an order directly, as it is prone to account suspension and usually requires account maintenance for about 3 days or even longer. Specific communication and consultation with industry insiders are required at any time.

# Q: Does this support multiple people using the same account? The team version supports adding sub accounts.

A: It is possible. At present, the personal version does not support multiple people logging in at the same time. It is recommended to choose the team collaboration version (3+N person mode), so that your team can apply it more flexibly and efficiently! Switching devices and logging in can also synchronize environmental fingerprints, without sharing, it is equivalent to using their own.

# Q: Can I only log in to one account under one IP address? Can I log in to multiple accounts in multiple browser environments?

A: The software itself has no restrictions, but it is recommended to create an environment for each IP and log in to an account, otherwise complete anti association cannot be achieved. If the risk control requirements for business websites are not high, multiple environments can use the same IP, as each environment has independent device fingerprints.

# Q: We registered an Amazon account using a browser and encountered a verification code. What happened?

A: This is not related to our software. The verification code is a random rule on Amazon's official website. It is related to the purity of the IP, and it is recommended to try changing to two more IPs. Of course, you can also create two different environments to try verification.

# Q: If I have 1000 Amazon or Google accounts, do I need to create 1000 browser environments?

A: Yes, one account, one environment (equivalent to one account, one independent device). The Mbbrowser can meet your needs for batch operation of these accounts on one device, saving time and cost.

# Q: Previously, when using Chrome browser with proxy IP, I had to clear the cache every time. Isn't this enough?

A: The bird defense associated browser does not require it, as our cookies are isolated separately. Even if you want to clear the cookie, right-click and select Clear directly.

# Q: Will the creation of a bird defense associated browser account not occupy computer memory? Will it get stuck?

A: Open several environments, almost occupying very little (the computer configuration is best to use solid-state drive storage for installation, with over 16GB of memory). But it is related to opening multiple environments at the same time (500 MB of memory per environment). If you feel that the computer is running in a slow environment, you can try turning on the local mode in the Mbbrowser settings option, which can effectively improve the running speed.

# Q: If the environment is accidentally deleted, how do you want to recover it?

A: Two ways to solve it

(1) By backing up data in the upper left corner of the software, select the file with the largest size of the day and click on the "Restore from Backup" button below.

(2) After logging in to the webpage backend, find the list of historical environments, select the corresponding environment, and restore the historical environment by sending it to the client https://www.mbbrowser.com/console/console/session/history (opens new window)

# Q: What should I do if I feel stuck in the environment during use?

A: (Do not open antivirus and butler apps, such as 360 Guardian, Kingsoft, Huorong, Rising, Master Lu, Tencent, or Lenovo Butler, etc.):

(1) Mbbrowser are installed on NVME/SSD partitions outside of the C drive (larger C drive space is better), such as D and E drives. NVME solid-state drives are preferred, followed by SSD solid-state drives; It is not recommended to use external portable hard drives or USB drives! And prioritize using the latest version of the official website as much as possible!

(2) It is best to place the storage path on NVME, M2, or SSD solid-state drives, and ensure 4K alignment (JD usually pays a few hundred yuan for solid-state drives, which can effectively improve smooth operation).

(3) If other programs are also maximized except for the Mbbrowser window, it is recommended not to stack all windows together (such as the local browser and some other software programs), minimize other windows, and only keep the Mbbrowser on the desktop maximized.

(4) If there is a brief black screen, you can stop running in the black screen environment in the client panel as soon as possible and then start running. If it really gets stuck, the task manager should first shut down the task process.

(5) The environment window can be as small as possible (the prerequisite for stretching the window is to build a static and long-lasting IP environment! For example, using a mobile phone to simulate the environment or any win resolution and then stretching it), one is that it can be viewed together for convenience, and the other is indeed not stuck compared to full screen; However, if the button in the upper right corner is not displayed, it is indeed better to see it in full screen.

(6) Additional tip: The interval between running each environment should be more than 20 seconds, which can effectively prevent the already running environment from causing the computer's CPU to freeze by 90%, resulting in an instant drop.

(7) Try to improve the configuration as much as possible, such as increasing computer system memory.

(8) Replace the high-performance CPU of the computer.

# Q: How to solve the problem of using local mode to operate Mbbrowser software for a long time, and then changing the device to log in to the same account, resulting in different numbers of environments (lack of environment display)?

A: Use one of the two methods, it is recommended to use method 2 for simplicity!

(1) Copying computer 1 means copying the Mbbrowser data file from the local mode to the Mbbrowser data directory of computer 2, and corresponding to it.

(2) Export the environment package from computer 1 to computer 2 and save it locally. Then, computer 2 can import the local environment package to restore the synchronized environment.

# Q: If there are individual environments and there is no problem with configuring proxy detection, but no web pages can be opened after running, what should I do?

A: (1) Create a new environment, configure the same proxy IP, and open a webpage to see if it works properly;

(2) If it is OK to open the new environment, you can try to right-click the name of the problem environment and select Clone Environment (just a single clone, change the name). If it is OK, you can use Clone Environment (because the fingerprint is the same as the previous environment). The original environment can be deleted.

# Q: Does it support selenium automation?

A: Sure. Configure the corresponding information in the new automation script window. There are Puppeter and Selenium types to choose from! [Script Language] The script type is Puppeter, the script language is JS, the script type is Puppeter, and the script language is Python. [Script Name] Customize the script name according to your needs. [Script Description] Detailed description of the script function. For specific details, please refer to https://help.mbbrowser.com/tutorial/autoscripts.html (opens new window)

# Q: My Mbbrowser software is unable to log in when changing devices, and it shows an online status prompt. What should I do?

A: You can click on force offline through the personal account backend, or contact customer service to offline. https://www.mbbrowser.com/console/console (opens new window)

# Q: I have been using Mbbrowser for a long time, and occasionally there are network synchronization error messages or plugin download failure messages. How to handle it?

A: We suggest that you uninstall the existing version and install the latest version on the official website to use.

# Q: Sharing environment failed, how to solve it?

A: We suggest that you update and install the latest version of the official website download page for Mbbrowser! https://www.mbbrowser.com/download (opens new window)

# Q: How to solve the problem of slow video file upload on Tiktok or YouTube?

A: It is recommended to turn off the firewall and enable the GPU button before uploading, while ensuring a smooth local network. The specific location can be found in the lower right corner of the client's gear. Click on the browser settings button and select the second option to enable GPU rendering. Note: After uploading, quickly turn off this button.

# Q: Is there a channel to provide automation scripts? Can you help us users guide them?

A: Automation script plugins can intelligently write requirements in addition to chatgpt; Some automation plugins can also be used to assist guidance, such as the automation plugins in the official plugin library of Mbbrowser (specific steps: click the settings button in the upper left corner, find the plugin manager option, and the automation script plugin library will be available after dropdown).

# Q: How to use and configure the UA of Mbbrowser?

A: Regarding the use of UA

(1) Click on the resolution and different numbers in the upper right corner to generate more UA, and transfer the data to your Mbbrowser account. Each time you create a new environment, you can choose different UA for yourself, so you won't share a single UA device with others.

(2) Based on your business platform, choose which system to use, such as the UA device environment for Windows computers, iPhones, Android, and other mobile devices (system selection can be found in the first line of the Mbbrowser client environment settings panel)

(3) In the future, you can switch between random UAs every time you open the environment. If you are doing registration or brushing business, you can frequently switch between UAs; If a stable environment is required, and the number or fixed combination remains unchanged, the default can be used without any changes.

(4) Of course, if you have your own UA resources, you can add your own UA data in the UA management button, and your Mbbrowser account can enjoy exclusive access.

# Q: After installing Mbbrowser on my computer and creating a new environment, there is no create environment button in the bottom right corner. Why?

A: For the New Environment panel, the button for creating the environment is not displayed in the row below. You can display the computer size on the desktop of this computer (the specific steps are to right-click on the computer desktop and select Display Settings), then find the Zoom and Layout options, and change them to 100%

# Q: Is there any particular format for importing cookies into Mbbrowser environments?

A: To be able to import Mbbrowser, there must be seven key fields. As long as the fields correspond correctly, importing is not a problem. If you don't understand the specifics, you can contact customer service. {"domain", "expirationDate", "https Only", "name", "path", "secure", "value"}