# Browser Fingerprint:Screen Resolution

Analyzing screen resolution value is a common method for browser fingerprint recognition. The site also analyzes the difference between the screen resolution represented by the browser and the actual size of the available screen area. This difference can detect whether users are using online privacy tools, such as browser privacy add-ons.

In the Migratory Bird browser, the screen resolution is extracted from the fingerprint database that generates the browser profile. You can also select the resolution you want from the list of common resolutions. In addition, when you retrieve your fingerprint, the screen resolution drop-down list and screen resolution you receive will be adjusted based on the operating system you selected on the overview page.

The Migratory Bird browser will run the maximum browser resolution set in the browser profile. Maximizing the browser window is a very common and typical behavior for most users, and we do not recommend that you unmaximize it when using. We also do not recommend using a resolution larger than your real screen in your browser profile, as the website will notice that you are not using maximized Windows.