# Browser Fingerprint:WebRTC

WebRTC is a browser plug-in commonly used by web applications that require a fast direct connection. WebRTC establishes connections over UDP, so it doesn't route through the proxy server you use in your browser profile. Even if you use a proxy, websites can get your real public and local IP address. The plugin can be used to leak your local IP address or track media devices.

What information does the WebRTC plugin leak? External IP address, Intranet IP address

# Different Modes O WebRTC

External IP address

the "Fill WebRTC Public IP based on the IP" option means that when you launch your browser profile, it will first connect to our server. We will detect the true external IP for the browser profile, return it and set the external IP for WebRTC. If your IP changes in the middle of a session, WebRTC's external IP address is immediately adjusted accordingly.

Disabling this option means that websites cannot obtain your IP address through your browser's Webrtc plug-in.

Intranet IP address

You can click Random at the Intranet IP address to select an Intranet IP address.

Valid local IP address range to

Some examples of local IP addresses:

Note: If you are using a dynamic proxy IP, it is recommended that you disable the Webrtc feature.