# Team Collaboration Edition Add Sub Account

First to confirm you buy package is "Team Collaboration Version", if not, please upgrade to purchase page (https://www.mbbrowser.com/console/console/shop).

  1. Open the mbbrowser website console (https://www.mbbrowser.com/console/console), click on "Sub Account" link on the left, then click "Add Account" button on the right side.

  1. In the window of adding sub-accounts, fill in the account number of sub-accounts (email format is recommended for later retrieval) and password, and click "Submit" button to complete the adding;

  1. After the subaccount is added, you can view the information about all subaccounts (such as ID, account name, creation time, and number of environments) in the list.

  1. The main account can delete its sub-accounts and view the environment through the console;

  1. Click the link to view all the browser environment information created by the subaccount.

  1. If the environment information of the sub-account is not updated in time, please click the "Refresh List" button;

7、To delete a subaccount, click the "Delete" link in the subaccount list, and then click "OK" to delete the subaccount (note: Deleting a subaccount may delete the browser environment under the subaccount, please transfer the backup in time).