# Invite Users To Earn Commissions

Use your invitation code (or invitation link) to invite users to share your love of migratory birds, you will get up to 20% permanent commission (permanent commission means users registered through your link, you can also get the user's commission if there is a continuous payment in the future).

  1. Open the console of the Mbbrowser( https://www.mbbrowser.com/console/console ), click the "Invite" link on the left to enter the invitation page;

  1. You can invite users to register and purchase packages by means of "Invite Code" and "Invite Link". Click "Copy Invite Link To Clipboard" to copy the invitation link and share the link to any channel.

  1. Each user name, registration time, and consumption amount you invite will be seen in the list below (the cumulative consumption amount is calculated);

# Invite rules

  1. After the new user invited by the user registers and buys the package, 10-20% of the package ordered by the new user will be rewarded to the recommended user

  2. The invited user can withdraw the commission after 15 days, and the amount of the withdrawal must be greater than 100 yuan. The amount in the rebate account must be withdrawn at one time for each withdrawal.

  3. The balance of the commission account cannot be directly used to pay for the migratory bird system. It can only be paid by withdrawing the money to the balance of the account.

  4. After the withdrawal operation, the financial department will refund the money within 7 days, and the holiday will be postponed. Sorry for the inconvenience caused!

# Tiered Commission Rule

10% commission for inviting 5 (including 5) paying users;

Invite 6-10 (including 10) paying users 15% commission;

Invite more than 10 paying users 20% commission

The Company reserves the right of final interpretation of the above rules

If you are a professional promotion staff, have special channels and resources to get a higher commission ratio and deeper cooperation, please scan the QR code below to contact us!